Mung bean sprout side dish (Sukjunamul-muchim: 숙주나물무침)

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How to grow Soybean Sprouts (Kongnamul: 콩나물)

More photos and stories about this video!: Let's sprout soybeans and make delicious Korean dishes with them!

Bibimbap (비빔밥) & Dolsot-bibimbap (돌솥비빔밥)

Today’s recipe is bibimbap, a super-popular Korean dish you might have heard about already! It’s made of a bowl of rice, sautéed and seasoned vegetables (namul: 나물), a bit of hot pepper paste (gochujang: 고추장), and usually a bit of seasoned raw beef, too (yukhoe: 육회). You can add captions here: Full recipe: Bibim (비빔) translates as “mixed,” and bap (밥) means “cooked rice,” so bibimbap literally means “mixed rice.” Before eating it you’re supposed to mix everything all together.

療癒~豆芽成長日記,所有細節一次告訴你! 孵豆芽/ 種豆芽/ 發綠豆芽 Grow Mung Bean Sprouts [Eng Sub]

療癒~豆芽成長日記,所有細節一次告訴你! 孵豆芽/ 種豆芽/ 發綠豆芽 Grow Mung Bean Sprouts [Eng Sub] (記得要開字幕喔!!) ★喜歡我創作的料理影片嗎?不要忘了訂閱我的頻道喔~ 追蹤我的FACEBOOK: #孵豆芽 #種豆芽 #發綠豆芽

Chive Kimchi & Paris Meetup (Buchu-kimchi: 부추김치)

Today I’m going to show you how to make an easy kimchi called buchu-kimchi. It's simple and fast to make but very delicious. I made it for my meetup & potluck party in Paris! Full recipe: Help others by translating the English caption into your language: My cookbook: Get Maangchi's letter every month: My Instagram: My Facebook: My Twitter:

发绿豆芽 Grow Mung Bean Sprouts 三个要点 一次成功

感谢李锦记美国 (Lee Kum Kee USA) 赞助播出本期节目。他们有一个关于李锦记蚝油的纪录片/广告,挺有趣的。有兴趣的小伙伴可以去围观一下。 纪录片链接在此: 李锦记美国 (Lee Kum Kee USA)Youtube 频道: Thank Lee Kum Kee/USA for sponsoring this video. They made a quite interesting video about how the Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce was invented and growing popular over the years. If you are interested, you can check out the video at the link below: Lee Kum Kee USA Youtube channel: 发绿豆芽(grow mung bean sprouts)比较想象容易的多。只要记住这个三个要点,不论你用任何容器,都可以发出特别漂亮的绿豆芽。发黄豆芽可以用了类似的方法。黄豆皮泡软就可以用来发豆芽了。 豆芽发好了,做个小菜。只要韭菜和蚝油。清爽的素菜,更能够体现蚝油的鲜味。 发豆芽所用材料: 一个蒸锅 纱布 绿豆 100 克 半杯 和水 芽菜炒韭菜 豆芽, 韭菜和蚝油 Materials needed to grow mung bean sprouts: stainless steamer cloth mung bean 100g 1/2 cup water Bean sprout stir fry mung bean sprouts Chinese chives Oyster sauce 背景音乐: Life in Romance by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: 发豆芽, 发绿豆芽, 发黄豆芽, grow bean sprouts at home,

Today I’m going to make a mung bean sprout side dish with my homegrown mung bean sprouts. If you followed my directions and harvested your sprouts already, this is perfect timing for you and you’re ready to start!
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