Sebastian Vettel: Criticising boring F1 grands prix 'short-sighted' | new cars news 2018

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Dangerous Situations at the Nürburgring - Bad Driving, Collisions and Unsafe Situations Nordschleife

This video represents some of the most common dangerous situations at the Nürburgring, like: - Standing at dangerous places on track - Overtaking on the wrong side (during TF) - Ignoring yellow flags - Debris on track Keep in mind that it is illegal to overtake on the right during Touristenfahrten. There is no trophy at the end of a TF lap, so there is no need for laprecord attemps. Always be aware about other (slower or less experienced) drivers around you. (Bikers, check your mirrors too!) If your car breaks down or if you crash, make sure to get behind the safety barrier as soon as possible. If it is not safe to get out of the car, stay in the car until the marshalls arrive. --- And as always, thank you very much for watching! Many thanks to our Patrons: Ronnie Attema, Bob Thissen (Exploring the Unbeaten Path), Lars Damen, Omega21, Peter & Samira (My Legs24), DerChef, Safarbi, WayneKenoffGaming, Thomas Lambell, Cooper Long, Rick van den Bleek, Bjørn Figved. You might also like these videos; ► The Story Behind: Dale Lomas (All your Nürburgring questions answered!): ► Porsche 919 EVO Tribute Nürburgring Lap Record ► BIZARRE And Unexpected 'Things" At The #Nürburgring #Nordschleife! ► Nürburgring BMW XXL CRASH Compilation 2018: [ f] Like AutoAddiction on Facebook! Disclaimer: All content in this video is created and owned by #AutoAddiction

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Sebastian Vettel Luxury Lifestyle | Bio, Family, Net worth, Earning, House, Cars

★ Subscribe (free) for New videos - ★ Thank you for watching. See more similar videos … Sebastian Vettel is a German racing driver currently driving in Formula One for Scuderia Ferrari. He is a four-time Formula One World Champion, having won the championship in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. ★ This video will show you, Sebastian Vettel biography , Sebastian Vettel family, Sebastian Vettel net worth, Sebastian Vettel house, Sebastian Vettel car collection, Sebastian Vettel helicopter , Sebastian Vettel lifestyle , This video will show you Net Worth Car Collection House Homes Mansions biography family and earnings of Sebastian Vettel You will not believe How Rich Sebastian Vettel is. As Famous celebrity Sebastian Vettel has a luxury lifestyle. Driving luxurious cars, with his family and children’s. Sebastian Vettel income will increase day by day like other top famous celebrities. See the difference then and now of his assets. Also you can see some photos of his styles and age transformation before and after Sebastian Vettel life story of while famous. ★ Sound – ★ Source -

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Sebastian Vettel: Criticising boring F1 grands prix 'short-sighted' | new cars news 2018
Formula 1 championship leader Sebastian Vettel believes it is "short-sighted" for people to criticise races like the Canadian Grand Prix even if they appear "bo...
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