How to get free google play redeem codes (gift cards)

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Its 100% working trick of how to get free google play store gift cards or redeem codes with an app called Whaff Rewards.
To get the free redeem code you need to just download the whaff app,
the link to download is given below for google play store:


Now download the app and follow the tutorial till the end to get free google play gift cards or redeem codes and use them to purchase apps,games,books,movies and a lot more on google play store.

U need to just:
1. Open playstore and download the app.
2. Open the app and sign up with facebook account to get additional $0.5 credit.
3. Use invite code of your friend to get the additional bonus, if u do not have then use the invite code in the video if you want.
4. Now start earning and getting free gift card or google play redeem codes and redeem it at google play store.

Enjoy hunting.

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