Xbox DESTROYING Playstation Next Gen With AAAA Games?

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Xbox Fanboy HATE Comments Review

In this video we will review some salty Xbox fanboy hate comments. Xbox fanboys are loosing the console war, since Xbox can`t keep up with Sony and the PS4. To these fanboys the console war is real and they would do anything to damage control for Xbox and Phil Spencer. Metacritic scores, facts, release dates, exclusive games, single player games and so on don´t matter to them. All they care about is power (power of the x), features and limited edition controllers. They don´t argue with facts and are driven by emotions only. Check out some of these salty hate comments/ bad comments/ mean comments.

PS5: 10 Things We DON'T WANT

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Will Xbox turn the tide next gen and destroy Playstation with AAAA games? According to an article from The Xbox Hub and some Xbox Fanboys here on Youtube, Xbox will win next generation or is even winning right now. They are talking about the power of the X, the Xbox XO event in Mexico, the aquisition of new Studios like Ninja Theory, features on the Xbox One (Xbox Backwards Compatibility, Xbox Gamepass, limited edition controllers) and much more.

Xbox destroying Playstation next gen wit AAAA games?
The problem is... Xbox has no video games to begin with.

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