Best Baby Car Seat 2018 Review

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Car Seat 101: What Portable Booster Seat to Buy

Take a look at the latest portable booster seats that are safe and easy for travel. Subscribe to Car seats used to just be bulky and made traveling a struggle. These boosters are a parents dream! Would you consider any of these booster seats? More Easy French Toast Muffins Mom Hacks: 3 Clever Ways to Use Your Ice Cube Tray 10 Signs You're Not Done Having Babies This Popular Sleep Aid May Be Harmful to Kids Like this video? Follow on Twitter: On Facebook: Or visit for more:

How To Install an Infant Car Seat

Shawn Nier aka The HUBBY shows you how to install an infant car seat on a Pick Up Truck and SUV.

Putting a Newborn in a Car Seat

Jessica and Baby Y demonstrate how to properly buckle a newborn baby into an infant car seat. A few simple rules to remember: - Straps should come from a slot BELOW the baby's shoulders. - Straps should be tightened enough that you can't maintain a pinch in the strap at the collarbone. - Make sure you buckle the harness at the crotch AND the chest clip. - The chest clip should be positioned at the level of the baby's armpits. - Don't put anything between the baby and the car seat that didn't come with the car seat. - Don't put the baby in bulky clothing or wrap him in blankets before buckling him. For more car seat information, see my blog at, and watch my other car seat videos here on the YouTube channel: Like the Facebook page:

leather repair on a car seat

minimal damage on a leather seat can be repaired perfectly.

Winter Car Seat Safety and Why Snowsuits are Dangerous.

Rea shows the safest way to protect your baby during winter driving.

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