Best Baby Car Seat 2018 Review

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Watch this baby's Survival Swim Skills! Awesome!

Baby Tips - How To Install A Car seat (Recommended Car Seat) Babies 411 provides you tips and instruction on How to install your baby's car seat. Be sure to read your car seat and Vehicle owners Manual.

Correcting the booster seat mistakes kids make

Twisted seat belts. The behind-the-back maneuver. Friction from the shoulder belt in the neck area. What are some of the most common mistakes kids make when snapping themselves in to a booster seat? Although kids of booster age are typically ready to understand and follow the instructions, parents need to be vigilant and firm about the proper use of booster seats, says Injury Prevention Coordinator Tracey Fejt, RN, of Cardon Children's Medical Center. Watch as Tracey, along with the Turchick boys -- Max, 6, Sam, 5, and Tyler, 4 --demonstrate the details of safe booster use.

How to Secure Your Newborn in Their Car Seat

Here I am showing an option on how to securely place your newborn in their car seat safely and comfortably using things you already have at home. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. Thanks Everyone xoxo

Putting a Newborn in a Car Seat

Jessica and Baby Y demonstrate how to properly buckle a newborn baby into an infant car seat. A few simple rules to remember: - Straps should come from a slot BELOW the baby's shoulders. - Straps should be tightened enough that you can't maintain a pinch in the strap at the collarbone. - Make sure you buckle the harness at the crotch AND the chest clip. - The chest clip should be positioned at the level of the baby's armpits. - Don't put anything between the baby and the car seat that didn't come with the car seat. - Don't put the baby in bulky clothing or wrap him in blankets before buckling him. For more car seat information, see my blog at, and watch my other car seat videos here on the YouTube channel: Like the Facebook page:

Best Baby Car Seat 2018 Review
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