10 Coolest Strongest Toys Which Actually Exist !

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8 Extreme Vehicles You Never Knew Existed

Take a ride on these 8 extreme vehicles… FREEZE LISTS ESPAÑOL https://goo.gl/bM38rd FREEZE LISTS DEUTSCH https://goo.gl/IKd6xM FREEZE LISTS ENGLISH http://goo.gl/LqNRbT LINKS JET BLADE http://bit.ly/2hpbpvp SKYRUNNER http://www.flyskyrunner.com/ ATV SHAMAN http://avtoros.info/en/landings/shaman/ ALPHA CENTAURI HYDROPLANE http://bit.ly/2x1O8Cy HARD DRIVE MARINE LC7 http://www.harddrivemarine.com VOLVO AUTONOMOUS GARBAGE TRUCK http://bit.ly/2wbYMJW BULLDOG 4X4 FIRETRUCK http://bit.ly/2fJeE08 GLISS SPEED http://www.gliss-speed.com/?lang=uk ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTRIBUTIONS Copyright Free Images From Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/

Low flying aircraft ★ Incredible Low Flying Aircraft Compilation 2018

It's a compilation video of low flying aircraft, commercial plane and military planes. Subscribe https://goo.gl/91F5ku Don't forget to like and Comment. The video clips contains low flying plane, low flying military planes, low flying jet planes, commercial planes, and other extreme low flying planes. Hope you like it.


Penemuan pesawat terbang merupakan suatu hal yang bersejarah bagi manusia. Dulu, manusia hanya bisa bermimpi untuk terbang di udara. Manusia bahkan berpikir bahwa tidak mungkin sebuah benda dapat terbang di udara. Namun, Wright Bersaudara membantah anggapan tersebut dengan menciptakan pesawat terbang pertama. Dari penemuan tersebutlah, kemudian pesawat terus dikembangkan hingga sekarang dapat mengangkut ratusan penumpang. Jika biasanya kalian menaiki pesawat penumpang yang punya kapasitas sedang atau biasa, ternyata di dunia ini ada beberapa pesawat penumpang yang kapasitasnya dapat memuat hingga 1000 penumpang. Penasaran seperti apa? Berikut deretan pesawat penumpang terbesar yang ada di dunia : Disclaimer: gambar, ataupun video yang ada di Channel ini terkadang berasal dari berbagai sumber media lain. Hak Cipta sepenuhnya dipegang oleh sumber tersebut. Jika ada masalah terkait hal ini, Anda dapat menghubungi kami di sini Email : [email protected] COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act? 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor with Wickes

Our How to Tile a Bathroom Floor will give you all the help and advice you’ll need to do this job well. There’s even advice on how to tile around a toilet. Subscribe to the Wickes here: http://bit.ly/1WHJIIr In this step-by-step video, you’ll learn how to tile a bathroom floor. From measuring and marking out the floor, evenly spacing your tiles and ensuring they’re symmetrical right through to grouting and applying sealant, we’ve broken down each stage of the process so it’s easy to digest. Follow these instructions and you’ll end up with a tiled floor that’s water-tight, level and looks great. Preparation & planning If you have a concrete floor, you can tile directly onto it. Timber floors needs to be strengthened with exterior-grade plywood which has been primed before tiling can begin. Tiles always need to be laid onto clean, dry and level surfaces, therefore sand and clean as necessary in both cases. Check whether your tiles need sealing, too. Aftercare After finishing your tiling project, use a grout protector spray to stop penetration by water, dirt, oil, grease and lime scale. Using this product will help to prolong the life of your grout and keep the area easy to clean. Getting the job done - hints & tips Make sure all surfaces are prepared before tiling. Porous surfaces should be prepared with primer before tiling. Always make sure your grout and adhesive is in date if you're using product which has been left over from another project. Safety Before screwing battens into the floor, always check for pipes and wires which may be under the floor. If there are pipes or wires under the floor where you are intending to screw down battens, use pencil lines to guide your tiling. Watch more helpful DIY videos from Wickes below; How to Home Maintenance with Wickes: http://bit.ly/28Se4IW How to Kitchens with Wickes: http://bit.ly/28Ssbiy How to Garden and Landscape with Wickes: http://bit.ly/28QcepH How to Tile a Bathroom with Wickes: http://bit.ly/28Se8YT How to Paint and Decorate with Wickes: http://bit.ly/28RusYN Wickes Website: http://www.wickes.co.uk/ Wickes Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wickes.co.uk Wickes Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wickes Wickes Google+: https://plus.google.com/115389812299571602970/about Wickes YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/wickesvideo


Di zaman modern seperti saat ini, kebutuhan akan kendaraan tentu sangat tinggi. Hal tersebut karena, ketepatan waktu merupakan hal yang sangat penting untuk diutamakan. Oleh karenanya, perkembangan teknologi yang sudah semakin canggih, juga merambah pada bidang transportasi. Hal tersebut menyebabkan, mode-mode transportasi yang lebih baik lagi terus mengalami perkembangan. Bahkan, terhadap mode-mode transportasi yang telah lama ada, juga ikut mengalami perkembangan dengan dimunculkannya inovasi-inovasi terbaru. Di mana, inovasi-inovasi pada mode transportasi yang telah lama ada, menjadikannya lebih mudah dan lebih cepat saat digunakan. Ada juga inovasi dalam segi mode transportasi, yang menyatukan dua mode transportasi menjadi satu. Banyaknya orang-orang yang menciptakan inovasi kendaraan baru menyebabkan ada beberapa kendaraan keren yang bahkan belum pernah di dengar namanya sama sekali oleh beberapa orang. Nah, biar kalian pada tau makanya kali ini kita mau kasih tau kalian 10 Kendaraan Terkeren dan Tercanggih yang Sulit Dipercaya Ternyata Ada di Dunia Ini menurut Mahasiswa Abadi. 10. Tricycle Ice 9. Winston Wang Bio Biv 8. The Swamp Truck 7. ? 6. ? 5. ?? 4. ?? 3. ??? 2. ??? 1. ?!? Copyright Issue ? [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mahasiswa Abadi menyajikan hiburan bagi kalian yang haus akan edukasi dan pengetahuan. Seluruh konten yang dibuat sebelumnya dipelajari terlebih dahulu sebelum di upload sebagai video, jadi bukan asal-asalan membuat argumen. Seluruh kritik dan saran diterima dengan senang hati. Support Channel Mahasiswa Abadi: Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/MahasiswaAbadi Follow Twitter @gamaululus https://twitter.com/gamaululus Follow Instagram gamaululus https://www.instagram.com/gamaululus/ -Copyright Disclaimer- Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law, Act 1976): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, & images used belong to their respective companies. DISCLAIMER - All video contents are property of the respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended, all videos are edited to follow the "Fair Use" guideline of YouTube. I DO NOT OWN THE MV, CLIP, FOOTAGE OR SONG USED IN THIS VIDEO, It's for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY.

10 Coolest Powerful Toys In The World
10 strongest toys which are best
best toy for kids
smart robo toys, remote control toys


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"Optimus Overkill 6x6 Smoking Truck" Filmed by RCSparks Studio

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+ T-rex 600 -T-Rex 600 is a RC Helicopter designed remote control Toy

+Canadian National #6060 -Here is Ernie firing up and running the locomotive at the Bitter Creek Western railroad.

+RC FIRE FIGHTER TANK -These cute firefighter Vehicle Toys

+SCHUMACHER MI3 -A amateur designer created this little masterpiece by spending 4000 US dollars , mi 3 is a radio controlled toy but also most expensive in the world

+Tiger 2
Also known as Royal Tiger , it’s design made of Fiberglass and all gear parts are made of metals

Americans made an exact copy of soviet helicopter mi 24 ,which can fly to a height of 2.4 km above ground , it can easily and smoothly fly in the sky

+F-16 cobra
This is a unique design which presented in Germany September 2016, it is an exact replica of F16 Supersonic fighter in Significantly smaller size , its weight is 18kg

+PINK PANTHER-This is a radio controlled toy , it has speed of 740 km/hr that is why it won the world record in gunness book, for highest speed achieved by radio controlled model

The designed and pantry is Incredibly exact to Boeing 747
this model is Radio controlled which is 5.5 meter long and 68 kg its weight

stealthy strategic plane developed by North American company Northrop Grumman

propelling Noah Smith

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