Moza Mini-MI Review - Awesome $109 Smartphone Camera Stabilizer!

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DJI Osmo mobile 2 vs Moza Mini MI - 2018 BEST BUDGET GIMBAL

Quick disclaimer, although the Moza Mini MI was sent to me for free to review it does not influence my option about it. I truly think its a great gimbal but defiantly needs some software improvements which can happen soon. --------------------------------------Link Where to buy--------------------------------------------- ► Moza Mini MI On Amazon - ►DJI Osmo mobile 2 On Amazon - ►Try Amazon 30 free trial to prime:► ⬇️Find me on social media ⬇️ Instagram: SnapChat: @EddieN7 Twitter: Twitch: For business inquiries, email me at: ➡️Music. Thank you, Lakey Inspired Check Him Out: -----------------------------------------Equipment list ------------------------------------------ ►Link list on Amazon: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.” #PhoneGimbal#MozaMiniMi#DJIOSMO

Smartphone Camera Quality: Explained!

Smartphone cameras are getting really good. But why? Video Gear I use: Casey Neistat's test: Intro Track: On and On by Hocus Pocus ~

Moza Mini Mi - Amazing Gimbal for Beginning Vloggers

Vlogging is no doubt a very popular video format, however beginners sometimes gravitate to a shiny expensive camera kit before they get started on their story telling ability. The Moza Mini Mi gives beginners all they need to match that classic Casey Neistat motion in their vlogs while keeping their overall kit down to a messenger back. This week I talk about my experience with the Moza Mini Mi when I randomly decided to try my hand at 1 minute Vlogs to document my travels with my colleague, Johnny Wu, when we went on a Moza demonstration tour. [SECTION TIME CODES] ------------ 0:00 - TLDR 1:04 - Moza Mini-Mi Intro 3:21 - Reason #1: Best beginners vlog tool 6:50 - Reason #2: Trade show reporting 8:33 - Reason #3: Smartphones will continue to dominate and streamline 10:06 - The Bottom Line 15:04 - Moza Mini Mi + iPhone SE examples** **Shot with iPhone built in camera app [AFFILIATE LINKS] ----------------- Moza Mini Mi - [] 90 degree iPhone cable - [] 90 degree Android cable - [] [ATTACH AUDIO RECIEVER] TRS to TRRS - [] ¼ 20 cold shoe - [] GEAR I USE FOR EPISODES ————— GH5 Camera - [] Viltrox EF-M2 - [] Sigma 18-35 Lens - [] Lilliput 7” Monitor - [] Wired Lav Mic - [] USB GH5 Dummy Battery - GVM LEDs - [] #TLDRfilmmaker

Moza Mini Mi Smartphone Gimbal REVIEW

Moza Mini-Mi Smartphone Gimbal REVIEW *WATCH THE VIDEO'S LINKED BELOW* ALSO the steps for calibration and updating firmware are below Purchase Moza Mini-Mi Gimbal Here- Use Coupon Code: IsaiahMI Specifications: Max Payload: 10.6 oz Phone size supported: width 61mm to 92mm Charging Time: 3.5hrs Battery Life: 10 Hours Mechanical Endpoint Range: Yaw axis: ± 360°, Roll axis: 310°, Tilt axis: ±165° (The Overview of Three Modes) (Firmware Upgrade) (App usage) Firmware Upgrade: 1. Turn the Mini-MI off first. Long press the center button and hold on, then long press the ON/OFF button until the status indicator blinks. 2. Open MOZA Genie, click the device, firmware upgrade prompt pops out. After the upgrade is done, restart the device and reconnect it to app. *NOTE: Please make sure upgrade the firmware before the Calibration. Calibration: 1. Turn the Mini-MI on, connect it to app. Click “calibration”, the device starts to sleep, and then you can calibrate each axis. 2. Mechanical Angle Calibration Mount the Mini-MI on tripod, place and hold the gimbal to make it level as the picture shows in app, then calibrate the roll axis. In the same way, you can calibrate yaw and pitch axis. 3. Electrical Angle Calibration ①Follow the instruction of app to make the yaw axis level. Click to start the calibration. ②In the same way, make the roll axis level. Click to start the calibration. ③Follow the instruction to make the handle untouched and vertical to the ground, click to start the calibration. 4. Gyroscope Calibration Follow the instruction of app to place the gimbal as the green marks show, then click to start the calibration. 5. Accelerometer Calibration This calibration is the same as gyro calibration, please refer to the last step. *After all calibration is done, restart the device and reconnect it to app. *HELP the channel out by using the links below to do your shopping on Amazon & GearBest. The channel gets a very small commission off each sale and every dime helps* Amazon- Gearbest- Got a product you want me to review? Email me- THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!

Moza Mini-Mi Review: Best Smartphone Gimbal 2018!

Moza Mini-Mi review! Best Smartphone Gimbal 2018. A wireless charging stabilizer, perfect for IGTV! Buy from Amazon: Music for YouTubers | 30 days FREE TRIAL: External Battery: My favorite phone: I've been testing this gimbal and I have to say that the price is fair, considering all the features that it provides, including the wireless charging, the vertical shooting mode, the tracking function and so on. With all my honesty, I will be using this gimbal a lot from now on when I'm travelling, because it's very light and small. The Moza Mini-Mi is a really nice choice for anyone who wants to shoot photos and videos on a smartphone. Music for YouTubers | 30 days FREE TRIAL: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔹 Subscribe: 🔹 My latest video: 🔹 Eye Stocker group: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔹 Photoshop, Lightroom & Premiere Pro tutorials: 🔹 Instagram tutorials: 🔹 Tech videos: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Personal Facebook profile: Google Plus: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact:

Moza Mini-MI Review - Awesome $109 Smartphone Camera Stabilizer!
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