Using Mobile Phone to write REVIEW on FACEBOOK

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Facebook Pixel Explained: How To Install & Monetize

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Facebook reviews and recommendations 2018

#prwilsonmedia #freesocialmediatraining Please join my free social media training group So if you run a Facebook business page you may have noticed there's a new way to receive recommendations rather than the five-star rating system so I'll talk you through that in this video. Here we go. So in the video I recorded earlier this year I showed you how to switch reviews on and off. Well that process has changed as well so I'll first address that.So if I go to reviews here you'll see all the reviews I've received so far and again just to recap on the recommended side so it's got 13 reviews there but then it's got recommended by one person so that's the new feature. But to change whether or not you have reviews enabled you go to settings and then you need to go to edit page. Now it depends on what template you've got. It's possible that the tabs are not available including the reviews tab so you might need to add it in there. So you need to look at the button there to say add a tab but in this case they're pretty much already there. Reviews is there. So you just click add a tab and then click reviews and then under reviews simply click settings and you can have show reviews on or change it to off and then you can just save the changes. So I'm just going to leave that back on now So let's look at how the review process works So if I go to a page that I want to leave a review for now I have the option to say again click n reviews and just before though if we just go back a second as we scroll down the kind of things that are seen or visible to user are who's recommending it it's 5 out of 5 in the opinion of 8 people and then here recommendations and reviews where they appear in this quite prominent area on the page. Then you get the question there do you recommend Fill the Gap marketing yes or no. If you were to say no then you would still have the opportunity to provide feedback if you say yes you can make a post basically that appears publicly on their page. So yes in a way it's made it easier because there was the issue around certain people leaving lower scores potentially on purpose and competitor sites and that kind of thing one stars etc so there's no way now if you have got any previous ones you've got that score five out of five or whatever score you've got you can't really address that so that's an issue. But in a way at least it's made it a simpler process to just say do I recommend them or not and give the reasons why. So that's it from me I'm Paul from PRWilson media your social media personal trainer Cheers My Favorite YouTube Tool TubeBuddy Download TubeBuddy Free Today! ➜

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How to add the Facebook reviews button to your Facebook page 2018

#prwilsonmedia #freesocialmediatraining Please join my free social media training group Update September 2018 - Facebook have change Reviews to Recommendations How to add Facebook reviews button to Facebook page Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media. Now everyone loves positive feedback and Facebook reviews are a great way to showcase that to your page audience. The good news is that the more reviews you have, the higher you are going to appear in search results and the more prominently your content will appear. So here's how you enable Facebook reviews for your page. So, if like this one you've got a new page you may just need to enable the option it depends on the type of business page you've created, it might automatically be there but if it's not, you just need to go to the page, go to settings and here under general you've got reviews It says reviews are turned off. So all I need to do is say allow visitors to review this page. And back on the page and if we select to view as a visitor to the page, what it looks like now, here they've got "tell people what you think" so they can leave a review. And they can obviously write a comment. And notice there is a minimum number of characters that are needed so it's good to get more insight. There we go, we are past the 50 now. And then you can say done. So bear in mind if you do get lower star review ratings etc it's not straightforward to just remove the ones you don't want to see . So by enabling reviews you are putting yourself out there publicly. But if there's a review and you have a look at the ones that have been left. The key thing for the people running the page is to acknowledge the review , comment , reply , thank people for leaving their message rather than do nothing or try to move away from it or turn off reviews. The best way is to just have everything out there openly . You might get the odd spam account that's going to deliberately give you a lower rating or maybe they accidentally press one star instead of five But the key thing is that having reviews helps you rank more highly in search results and helps your page get found. So that's it from me, I'm Paul from PRwilson Media , your social media personal trainer. Cheers. Covered in this video: How to Enable Reviews on Your Facebook Page i How to add Facebookr eviews button to Facebook page How to enable Facebook Reviews on your Facebook Page How to add Facebook Reviews Button to your Facebook Page How To Add Star Rating Reviews To Your Facebook Page 2018 How to add a Review Button on Facebook Page My Favorite YouTube Tool TubeBuddy Download TubeBuddy Free Today! ➜

How to Write a Review on Facebook

A short video on how to write a review on Facebook

How to use mobile phone to write a REVIEW on FACEBOOK

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