Repairing a Leather Car Seat

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How To Correctly Repair Damaged & Cracked Car Leather Seats

"How To Clean Car Leather Seats" Video: LEATHER REPAIR PRODUCTS USED IN VIDEO CAN BE FOUND AT: MINATURE SPRAY GUN USED: AIR COMPRESSOR USED: CARPRO LEATHER COATING: CARPRO INSIDE CLEANER: MUSIC TRACKS IN ORDER OF PLAY: Welcome by Anno Domini Beats Intentions by Anno Domini Beats Stand by Anno Domini Beats Invincible by Anno Domini Beats Remember by Anno Domini Beats

A Basic Seat Cushion Cover

A simple way of making a 'basic cover' for a car seat cushion starting from 'zero'. The demonstration was done on a 2007 ford fiesta car seat. Process to follow: 1. Disassembling of old seat cover. 2. Outlining the contour of whole pieces over foam cushion. Two rectangular central panels and two side panels(bolsters) that pertain to 'top panels'. One 'surrounding lateral panel'/'skirt' divided in three parts. One in the center and two in both lateral sides. One small panel would go in the rear part of seat cushion. There will be a total of eight(8) pieces, plus those small sleeves for wires. 3. The 'real measures' were directly taken from seat foam base following the lines we already drew over. It is advisable to write down on a piece of paper the taken measures. 4. According to 'real measures' I then should 'mark and cut' the vinyl material. 'marking and cutting' of vinyl material. 1 cm seam allowance should be added. Some pieces were marked igger because some parts of the foam base are irregular. 5. The 'molding process' was done in same vinyl material directly on 'foam base'. 6. Before sewing procedure it is advisable to baste the pieces to be sewn putting a 'staple' on those 'Vnotches or reference marks'. 7. The last part of process was to fit the cover over on foam base. The thorough sewing was done using the 'basic closing sewing' or 'blind stitches'. I hope you find the video as an inspiration! Cesar

Automotive Leather Repair on Bolster - Quick Video Repair

Automotive Leather Repair Video - how to quick and easily fix the bolster in your car. To go to our website - click here: Go directly to our AUTO Page here: Products that were used or shown in the video: - Medium Size (Light Grey-C) Leather Dye Repair Kit: - Small Leather Repair Filler Kit: * We also recommend our Cleaning and Protection Kit for future care and maintenance:


LEATHER REPAIR VIDEO - Repair a large rip in leather with our Leather Dye Repair Kit ( Dark Brown-C ) and our Leather Repair Filler Kit. (kits sold separately ) To purchase products - click on the link below to go to our EASY ORDER WIZARD ! Products used in the video: - Leather Repair Filler Kit: - Leather Dye Repair Kits : - We also recommend our Cleaning and Protection Kit for future care and maintenance:

» Magic Mender Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit Demonstration

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Leather Repair: This video shows you how to repair the damage to a leather car seat bolster, caused by abrasions as you get in and out of the car.

The product we use to make the repair is called a Leather Colourant Kit and can be provided in many pre matched car colours, or you can always send in a sample for an exact colour match.

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