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Panettone – Taste of Italy – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL

Easy to follow steps panettone recipe. Your holidays will never be the same! For the full recipe go to Like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! KITCHEN ITEMS I LOVE TO USE IN THIS VIDEO: Hamilton beach mixer John Boos cutting board Pastry bowls Vollrath whisk Baking tray Wire cooling rack Matfer spatula Silpat Infrared thermometer Pro Portable Electronic Balance Website Facebook Twiter Instagram Pinterest Panettone Recipe Makes Three 1.7 lb. (800g) or 30 Individual Panettone / 2.6 ounces each (80g). Make 4 days Ahead. Panettone is the traditional Italian Christmas cake par excellence, and its birth is attributed to the city of Milan in the Middle Ages, although there are many legends surrounding its history. Whatever its origins, panettone is now highly regarded throughout Italy, France and the rest of the world – particularly as a gift at Christmas. Ultimately, it is baked in a 6.7x4½ inch (17x11.5cm) tall cylindrical paper mold, which gives the panettone its signature tall, round shape. You can also use a coffee can or a 7x3 inch (18x7.5cm) or individual paper molds. The cake usually is served a day after it has been baked with coffee, tea or sweet dessert wine. Its flavor and texture also make it ideal for French toast or bread pudding. The ideal temperature of your kitchen when making bread should be around 75/80ºF (24/27ºC). Starter (Fermented Dough). Make a Day Ahead 0.6 cup (150ml) room temp water 4 grams active dry yeast or 8g fresh yeast 1 tsp (4g) salt 0.8 cup (200g) all-purpose flour Method In a stand mixer fitted with the hook attachment. Combine water and yeast first then add flour and salt. Mix in low speed for 3 minutes and 5 minutes on medium speed until smooth. Form a ball and transfer dough to a greased plastic container, cover with wrap and let rise until very puffy for about 3 hours. Punch down the dough and shape into a ball and refrigerate overnight or at least for 10 hours. Take the starter out and let sit on the counter for 2 hours before starting the panettone dough mixing process. Marinated Dried Fruit Mixture / Make a Day Ahead 8 ounces (240g) dried raisins 6 ounces (180g) candied orange peel, diced (to order online) / or use 4 orange zests 6 ounces (180g) candied lemon peel, diced (to order online) / or use 3 lemon zests 1/3 cup (80ml) dark rum or orange juice. 2 orange and lemon zest can also be added as well as flavorings. Method Combine all ingredients together and refrigerate overnight. Panettone Dough 1 ounce / 4 packets (30g) active dry yeast* or 2 ounces (60g) fresh yeast 3 Tbsp (50ml) warm milk. *No need to activate yeast in liquid if using instant yeast (add it directly into dry ingredients) and save milk and add it to the dough. 10 ounces (300g) starter 4.7 cups (700g) all-purpose flour 0.9 cup (190g) granulated sugar 2 vanilla beans, scrap out the seeds or 1 tsp (5ml) vanilla extract (optional) 1 Tbsp (14g) salt 0.8 cup (200ml) whole milk, chilled 12 egg yolks (200g), chilled 20 Tbsp (300g) unsalted butter, softened but not melted Marinated dried fruits mixture, chilled.

CUTE mini Gift CAKE Tutorial Russian Piping Tip- Rosie's Dessert Spot

In this cake decorating tutorial, I demonstrate how to create 3 gorgeous miniature gift cake decorated with the Russian Piping Tips in the Rose petal finish. So ridiculously easy to make! Enjoy :D FROSTING COMB AND SCRAPER SALE (use coupon code: Scrape30 to redeem your 30% OFF!) Sale ends 12th of April, 2018 If you are enjoying these videos, and would love to see more free and valuable cake decorating tutorials on this Channel, check out my Patreon page for awesome perks and rewards and help me to continue bringing you guys fabulous and free content each week. Visit: To order your personalized cake toppers, visit: WANT TO LEARN CAKE DECORATING AND BE IN THE KNOW FOR UPCOMING CLASSES, EVENTS AND ONLINE SALES? sign up here to be updated on all the above: For more dessert inspiration and dessert sneak peeks, visit: In these video tutorials, I normally use Bakels Premixes to save on time. (Bakels is a bakery grade cake premix. Another great one is Allied Mills) If you prefer to bake from scratch, I do have a range of awesome cake recipes here which convert to cupcake recipes very nicely too. MUD CAKE: WHITE CHOCOLATE MUD: CHOCOLATE BUTTER BASED CAKE: RED VELVET BUTTER BASED CAKE: VANILLA BUTTER BASED CAKE: I use these butter based cakes above because they are sturdy under fondant and stable at room temperature, as are the muds. SOFT SPONGE CAKE: AMERICAN BUTTERCREAM RECIPE (great under fondant): SHORTENING BASED BUTTERCREAM (not ideal under fondant, but great for warmer conditions): ULTIMATE GANACHE RECIPES: With love, Rosie ****** A special thank you to these AMAZING Patrons who are supporting this channel through Patreon****** Connie Moore Zena Warwar Shakeara Sikder Laura Coulter Belinda Ellison For business enquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Kulich - Russian panettone recipe -

For a delicious change, try this traditional Kulich recipe. Kulich is a Russian yeast bread, similar to panettone. Traditionally baked in Russian for Easter, you can enjoy it for any festive occasion! Studded with sultanas, almonds and mixed peel, and flavoured with rum, this gorgeous bread benefits from a touch of sweetness. Once cool, brush an icing sugar glaze over the bread and enjoy with a cuppa. If you don't have the tins used in the video, simply use any deep, round tins you can find, or even a loaf tin in a pinch. You can check for doneness by inserting a skewer in the centre of the bread. If it comes out clean - your bread is ready. Find this recipe and loads more on, the UK and Ireland's largest online community of home cooks:

Paska Easter Bread Recipe (Kulich) | Russian Easter Bread

Paska Easter Bread Recipe (Kulich). RECIPE HERE : MY ONLINE COOKING COURSE : COME TO MY SUPPER CLUB : SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: OTHER DELICIOUS RECIPES YOU MIGHT LIKE: Russian Food : Latvian & Polish food : Easter Recipes: Cheese recipes: NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! Subscribe its FREE - Press the bell, so you are notified when I upload new stuff FOLLOW ME! :  Facebook: Instagram: Pininterest: Twitter: Google + : Snapchat Code : allasyummyfood This sweet bread has 2 names, it's called Paska in the southern Russia and Ukraine but it's called Kulich in central Russia and the rest of Russia. This is not to be confused with another festive Easter dish called Paskha (Пасха), which is made with tvorog (farmer's cheese). As easy as it may sound and look, rising is the most time consuming part of the making. Since this is a "sweet" bread the sugar and yolks weigh down the rising process, making the rising time go by very slow (even if it's rising in a very warm place). But don't fret it's all worth the labor if you want extremely fluffy results. Ingredients 1 cup whole warm milk 4 medium eggs or 3 large, room temp 1 sachet 7 gr of active dry yeast 200 gr OR 1 cup sugar 120 gr butter melted ½ tsp salt 1/4 cup sour cream 1 tsp vanilla 750 gr OR 5 - 6 cups all-purpose flour ( might require less or more, depends on the flour that you use) 1 cup raisins (white or brown) 1/4 cup cranberries or blueberries ( optional what you prefer, can use both) For the Icing: 250 gr or icing powder 2-3 tbsp of lemon juice hot water ( optional) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Кулич - самая традиционная Пасхальная выпечка. Я всегда пеку свои куличи по этому рецепту. Кулич получается воздушный, ароматный и долго не черствеет. Этот рецепт для меня проверенный. Тесто должно быть довольно густо, чтобы совершенно не приставало к столу. Когда тесто хорошо поднимется, то начать разваливать его и в то же время затопить печь. Никак не нужно спешить сажать куличи, пока они не поднимутся, что бывает иногда довольно долго, тогда как тесто густое трудно поднимается.Обещаю, что ничего вкуснее на свете не существует. Ингредиенты 1 стакан теплого молока 4 средних яйца или 3 больших 1 пакетик 7 г активных сухих дрожжей 200 г сахара 120 грамм сливочного масла ½ чайной ложки соли 1/4 стакана сметаны 1 чайная ложка ванили 750 гр муки общего назначения (может потребоваться меньше или больше, зависит от используемой муки) 1 чашка изюма 1/4 стакана клюквы или черники Глазурь для пирога 250 г сахарная пудра 2-3 столовые ложки лимонного сока Горячая вода

Paskha For Russian Orthodox Easter/Творожная Царская Пасха, Заварная

Pasha is a festive dish made in Eastern Orthodox countries Russia,Ukraine etc. It is only made for Easter. You will need: 500g of farmer cheese(tvorog) 100g(1/2 cup) of sugar 100g of soften butter 100g(1/2 cup) of heavy cream 3 egg yolks Some dried fruit(pineapple,papaya,raisins etc.)You will need 1/2 cup of it, cut into small pieces. 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract Optional: 1 teaspoon of dry lemon peel or zest of 1 lemon Mix: farmer cheese, butter, sugar and egg yolks with electric mixer just to combine. Transfer into a sauce pan and heat up until first boiling bubbles( do not boil) Remove from the heat and set your pan on top of the ice bath to cool mixture quickly. Use hand blender to reach smoother consistency . Add vanilla and lemon zest. Add dried fruit. Chill in the fridge for 2 hours or put in freeze for 10 minutes. Your Paskha will be much thicker after refrigeration. Whip heavy cream to stiff peaks and combine with Paskha. Line Paskha mold(see below) with two layers of wet cheese cloth and load your Paskha to the rim of the mold. Put it in a bowl. Put press on top. In my case it was hamburger press, but you can use a jar filled with water. Refrigerate your Paskha overnight. Next day: remove from mold, put on nice platter and decorate any way you like. Enjoy! Thank you so much for watching! Please like and subscribe! I will see you soon! Nastassja:) Paskha mold:

Russian Easter Cake Recipe 🍞 Cottage Cheese Kulich 🍞 Tasty Cooking


Cottage cheese - 250 gr.
All - purpose flour - 330 gr.
Fresh yeast - 25 gr.
Warm milk - 60 ml.
Melted butter - 50 gr.
Egg yolks - 2 pcs.
Egg - 1 pcs.
Sugar - 130 gr. + 2 tsp.
Candied fruits - 70 gr.
Lemon zest
Orange zest
Vanilla extract


Egg whites - 2 pcs.
Powdered sugar - 120 gr.
Lemon juice - 1 tbsp.

Candied fruits
Food sprinkles

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