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Oru Adaar VATTAYAPPAM / അഡാർ വട്ടയപ്പം / നാലുമണി പലഹാരം / Tea Time Snacks /COOK with SOPHY / R#168

This Video shows how to make the traditional Tea Time Snack of Malayalees - Oru Adaar VATTAYAPPAM Ingredients for Vattayappam Rice Flour. 1/2 kg Coconut. 1 Sugar. 8 tbsp Yeast. 1 tsp (full) Cardamom powder. 1 tsp Salt, Water as needed. Subscribe COOK With SOPHY for more videos About The Channel Sophy Kuriakose, a homemaker with 20+ years of her experiments with taste, has now decided to deliver her legacy in cooking to the public. Thus created COOK with SOPHY channel. Follow Us https://www.facebook.com/cookwithsophy

Pesaha appam(indri appam)& Pesaha paal recipe/പെസഹാ അപ്പവും പെസഹാ പാലും

Indri apam & pesaha paal recipe.It is a kerala traditional christian holy meal had on maundy Thursday.

Easter Special Soft & Fluffy Vattayappam -A foolproof recipe -/വട്ടയപ്പം -Recipe no 130

Ingredients Idli Rice-2cups Grated coconut-1/2 of 1 Coconut Milk-1cup Salt- Sugar- Instant Yeast-1/2tsp Water-2cups Cardamom Powder-1/4 to 1/2 tsp Method Soak Idli rice for 3 hours .. wash well and drain .. make coconut milk by grinding 1 cup water in 1/2 coconut .. strain the milk .. In a grinder grind rice ,1/2 grated coconut and coconut milk to a fine paste .. From this batter take one ladle of batter in a sauce pan.. Add one cup of water and mix well.. Then slowly stir and cook .. Allow this cooked mix to cool.. Add this cooled mix in a grinder along with one ladle of batter ,sugar and yeast .. grind well .. mix this to the batter .. stir well ... Keep in a warm place for 3-4 hours for fermentation .. Then cook in a steamer for 15 to 20 minutes .. when done allow to cool ,then turn up side down .. cut into pieces and enjoy ..

Vattayappam with Jaggery l ശർക്കര വട്ടയപ്പം l Sharkara Vattayappam

Learn how to make vattayappam with jaggery in easy steps Here jaggery is used to sweeten vattayappam, which makes it brown in color. Often referred to as brown vattayappam. This is a healthy vattayappam recipe as it uses raw rice, grated coconut, and jaggery ************************************************************** Vattayappam Recipe - https://youtu.be/YSZHf0yyUU8 Kinnathappam - https://youtu.be/ggi74wpA2-0 Nenthrapazham appam - https://youtu.be/Il8H1epFP9g #vattayappam #vatteppam #sharkaravattayappam #jaggeryvattayappam #vattayappamwithjaggery

സ്പെഷ്യൽ വട്ടയപ്പം || Vattayappam || Christmas Special || Recipe :64

Healthy salad https://youtu.be/32pRxkvrWws _________________________________________________________________ Cast iron cooking pan http://affiliate.flipkart.com/install-app?affid=fadwaskit ____________________________________________ Home Appliances Cast Iron Cooking Pan:👇 ___________________________________________ http://affiliate.flipkart.com/install-app?affid=fadwaskit http://fkrt.it/0pwhR2NNNN http://amzn.to/2maisXL https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/home ____________________________________________ Email [email protected] ___________________________________________ Ingredients White Rice - 2 cup Grated Coconut - 1 cup Coconut milk - 1+1/2 cup Coconut water - 1/2 cup Water - 1+1/2 cup Sugar - 5 tbsp Cardamom powder - 3/4 tsp Salt - 2 pinch Ghee Cherry yeast - 1/2tsp For dipping (optional ) Coconut milk - 3/4 cup Small banana - 1 Cardamom powder - 1 pinch Sugar to taste

Soaked Rice
Grated Coconut
brown Jaggery
chopped Coconut

Grind the rice
add jaggery , coconut paste , cardamom, yeast , roasted coconut & raisin, mix well and rest it for 6-7 hours after that take a plate/ bowl , grease some oil /ghee into a plate , pour the mixture 1/4 of the plate , steam it for 15-20 mnts., our Easter special vattayappam is ready.

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