No-Bake Coconut Cream Lush Dessert

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How to make Toasted Coconut Cream Pudding

Layers of creamy coconut pudding, vanilla wafers, and toasted coconut combine to create one amazing dessert. If you love the classic banana pudding, you have to try this coconut remix! RECIPE HERE: SUBSCRIBE NOW: VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR 1000s OF RECIPES: JOIN OUR SWEETTALK COMMUNITY FOR COUPONS, CONTESTS & RECIPES: GET SOCIAL WITH US: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:


This video is about making home made coconut cream pie for Easter! Its quick and easy to make and its a NO BAKE! Hit the like button: Also follow me on: check out my other you tube page: Ingredients Instant Vanilla pudding mix 3 1⁄2 Ounce (2 Packages) Milk 2 Cup (32 tbs) Cool whip 2 Cup (32 tbs) Coconut 1 Cup (16 tbs) Pie shell 1 Coconut 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs), toasted (For topping) Directions MAKING 1. Mix together pudding mix with milk. Fold in cool whip. 2. Add coconut and mix that in. 3. Pour everything into the graham cracker pie crust. 4. Set it in the fridge for 4hrs to overnight or until it sets well. SERVING 5. Sprinkle toasted coconut, slice and serve. Enjoy.

The Perfect Coconut Cake

~Click here to subscribe!~ Salted Pomegranate Chocolate Fudge: Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting: ~Honest and Tasty website~: For the full recipe with all the instructions and pretty pictures, click here! ~Instagram: ~Facebook: ~Twitter: ~Pinterest: ~Google+: Ingredients: For the Coconut Cake: 6 Egg Whites, room temperature 1 cup Whole Milk, room temperature 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 2 1/4 cups Cake Flour OR if you don’t have cake flour, for every cup of all-purpose flour, just replace 2 tablespoons of it with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. So add 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour to a large bowl and replace 4 1/2 tablespoons of it with cornstarch. This is what I do and it’s so easy!) 1 3/4 cups sugar 4 teaspoons aluminum-free baking powder (Rumford brand or Whole Foods brand sell this) 1 teaspoon sea salt 1 ½ sticks unsalted butter, softened 3 ounces unsweetened coconut flakes For the Coconut Pastry Cream: ¾ cup Coconut Milk ¾ cup Whole Milk Seeds from ½ a Vanilla Bean 4 Egg Yolks ⅓ cup Sugar 3 tablespoons Cornstarch ¾ cup Heavy Cream For the Frosting: 1 cup (2 sticks) Butter, softened 2 teaspoons Pure Vanilla Extract 3 ½ cups Powdered Sugar 7 tablespoons Whole Milk ¼ teaspoon Sea Salt 3 ounces unsweetened flaked coconut Instructions: For the Coconut Cake: Heat oven to 350º F (176º C). Prepare two 8-inch (or 9-inch) cake pans by greasing them with butter (or vegetable oil), fitting parchment paper to the bottom of the pans, greasing the parchment paper, and lightly flouring the pans, getting rid of the excess flour. To medium-sized mixing bowl, whisk the egg whites with the whole milk, and vanilla. Set aside. To a large mixing bowl, add 2 ¼ cups of the cake flour (or the homemade cake flour). Add the sugar, baking powder, and sea salt. Whisk together to combine. Cut the butter into pieces and add it into the mixture. Use a spatula to incorporate the butter before using a mixer to completely combine. Add half of the wet ingredients right into the dry ingredients and use an electric mixer to combine. Add the remaining wet ingredients and beat for another minute to incorporate. Use a spatula to fold in the coconut flakes. Pour batter evenly between the prepared cake pans and bake for 27-30 minutes or until toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. Rest cakes for 10 minutes before removing them onto a cooling rack to completely cool. For the Coconut Pastry Cream: Add the coconut milk, the whole milk, and the vanilla seeds to a saucepan. and heat on the stove over low heat. Whisk together the egg yolks, sugar, and cornstarch in a mixing bowl to form a paste. Use an electric mixer and little by little, whisk in the hot milk mixture into the egg mixture. Pour the mixture back into the saucepan over medium heat, and whisk constantly, until thickened and boiling. Place plastic wrap up against the custard to keep a skin from forming and refrigerate until cool. Use an electric mixer and mix the custard and heavy cream in a bowl until smooth and airy. For the Frosting: Toast the coconut flakes by heating them in a pan over the stove on medium heat. Use a spatula to toss the coconut flakes so they don’t burn. Once they start getting golden, turn off heat and continue tossing for a minute. Put the flakes in a bowl and set aside until cake is ready to be topped with them. Use an electric mixer to combine all the frosting ingredients together. Once incorporated, mix for 2 more minutes to make it soft and whipped. Cut the cakes in half using a serrated knife to create four cake layers. Place one layer down, spread 1/3 of the pastry cream over the top, leaving about 1 inch of room from the edge so that the pastry cream doesn’t spill out when you add the remaining layers. Add the next layer and repeat the process until you add the last layer. Frost the cake with the vanilla frosting. Garnish with lightly toasted flaked coconut. Enjoy! Music: Where I am from Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 and BenSound

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This No-Bake Coconut Cream Lush Dessert is smooth, rich, light, and there’s no cooking involved. It’s so easy and perfect for summer gatherings! FULL RECIPE:

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