For Honor: PS4 Rep60 Nobushi Game Play Part 1

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NEW Warden Guide by Mege - Reworked Warden Playstyle, Tips and Tricks

English subtitles available Thanks a lot to Gin for helping me with this. 00:00 Intro 00:32 Moveset 05:18 Mechanics 11:14 Punishes 13:42 Playstyle Music used is a Piano Arrangement of "Flowering Night" from the Touhou series, arranged by artist Yukino Asiato. You can now support me on Patreon - Facebook - Twitter - Discord - Outro song is "Gates of Hell" from Bayonetta, composed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Nobushi Guide - Basics, Playstyle, Matchups

This is my first guide on for Honor. Please enjoy and feel free to give me advice on how to improve my videos. I wish to express my special thanks to all the people who helped me in the making of this video, including Darakolius, MoinEverybody and M3rlin2. Thanks for your help guys! Here the stats on Nobushi: Times for certain content: Intro: 00:00 Table of contents: 00:38 Nobushi's moveset: 01:20 Normal attacks: 02:00 Connector attacks: 2:30 Dodge attacks: 03:30 Hidden Stance in offense: 05:00 On opponents who are oos: 07:05 Punishers and counters: 07:40 Basic parry/GB follow ups: 07:58 Oos punishers: 08:42 Hidden Stance punishers: 09:50 Dodge attacks in defense: 10:45 General playstyle: 11:55 Weak/strong moves: 12:55 Use of connectors and dodge attacks: 13:25 Playstyle on defense: 14:02 Weakness and how to play around it: 15:05 Matchups: 15:51 Hidden stance in specific situations: 16:40 Matchup vs Warden: 18:35 Matchup vs Raider: 19:14 Matchup vs Kensei: 19:38 Matchup vs Conqueror: 20:10 Matchup vs Warlord: 21:01 Matchup vs Shugoki: 21:56 Matchup vs Peacekeeper: 22:36 Matchup vs Berserker: 23:10 Matchup vs Orochi: 24:16 Matchup vs Lawbringer 25:15 Matchup vs Valkyrie 26:31 Matchup vs Nobushi: 27:51 Matchup vs Centurion: 28:14 Matchup vs Highlander: 29:20 Matchup vs Shinobi: 30:50 Matchup vs Gladiator: 31:34 Matchup vs Shaman: 32:54 Matchup vs Aramsuha: 34:32 Outro: 35:15 Outro music: COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER UNDER SECTION 107 OF THE COPYRIGHT ACT 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teachig, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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