For Honor: PS4 Rep60 Nobushi Game Play Part 1

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NEW Warden Guide by Mege - Reworked Warden Playstyle, Tips and Tricks

English subtitles available Thanks a lot to Gin for helping me with this. 00:00 Intro 00:32 Moveset 05:18 Mechanics 11:14 Punishes 13:42 Playstyle Music used is a Piano Arrangement of "Flowering Night" from the Touhou series, arranged by artist Yukino Asiato. You can now support me on Patreon - Facebook - Twitter - Discord - Outro song is "Gates of Hell" from Bayonetta, composed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi

For Honor Weekly Quest #2 - Fujiwara Nobushi Full Playthrough - The Heirs of Virupaksa

Playthrough as Fujiwara Nobushi in one run. Spacing is your friend in the last level, bleed characters play well here. STRATEGY BELOW: Stage 1 The three Shaolin will attack you in order, 20 seconds after each other. Kill the right-most Shaolin first, then the one at the geysers. Let the last one come to you. Kill each one as fast as possible to reduce chances of being burned in a gank. Try to launch the enemy into the geysers. Stage 2 Play aggressively, any successful hits will drain the opponents stamina. Force enemies to stay exhausted by using guardbreak, which now saps enemy stamina, even on a counter-guardbreak. Execute the first Nuxia at all costs. Repeat with the second Nuxia who will chase and gank after about 25 seconds if you take too long. They have poor response to melee. Stage 3 Do not attempt to throw enemies (except into hazards) as all enemies have Rock Steady. Fight Jiang Jun and Shaolin as normal, but be wary of their buffs. Do not try to frame trap the Tiandi except by guardbreaking during Revenge. Stage 4 Collect Attack/Shield/HP+ boost before the two Tiandi chase you. Take advantage of the Catapult and Arrow Storm attacks centered on the player, and exploit Tiandi's poor range by keeping both of them close to each other and using bleed attacks if you have them.

For Honor - How To Play Tiandi + Mastering The New Characters [Stream Highlights]

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[For Honor] Rep 100 Raider/Random Heroes - Breach/Dominion/Duels

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