BLU R1 HD Phone Review and Camera Test - 8GB - Black

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BLU R1 HD Review - 8GB - Black - Prime Exclusive - with Lockscreen Offers and Ads
Link to BLU R1 HD 8GB - Black:
Today we’re reviewing the BLU R1 HD Android Smartphone. Now I usually try and stay away from discussing prices in my reviews, as prices usually change over time. But the price is a huge selling point with this phone. The BLU R1 HD is being released in association with Amazon and retails for $49.99 for Amazon Prime members for the 8GB version. If you’re a Prime member and choose to step up to the version with 16Gb of storage and 2GB of RAM, the price jumps 10 dollars, to 59.99. However if you’re not a Prime Member and don’t plan to get a Prime Membership the phone retails for $99 for the 8GB version and $109.99 for the 16GB version. Now considering that Prime Membership in the US is about $99, the price difference between the Prime and non-prime version pays for half of your Prime membership, so it might not be a bad idea to sign up for Prime and then get the BLU R1 HD. However, if you do get the Prime version you will have the mild intrusion of ads like these on your R1 HD’s lock screen. I honestly didn’t find these annoying or intrusive and I really wouldn’t recommend paying the extra money, to get rid of these ads.
The BLU R1 HD is jam packed with a lot of features that you’d usually find on a much more expensive device. For starters, the BLU R1 HD is a beautifully designed phone. It has a 5”, 720pHD Gorilla Glass display with a gray metallic frame that encases it. The device is about 7mm thick and has all the ports and buttons embedded into its metallic frame. The removable rear cover has the device’s 8MP camera and flash and the device’s speaker embedded in it. Peel the cover off and you’ll find two micro sim card slots and a micro sd card slot to expand its storage capacity. Now it’s important to note that the BLU R1 HD is an unlocked, Quad Band Dual-Sim phone which will work with any GSM carrier on the planet. For example, in the US, it’ll work with AT&T and T-Mobile but won’t work with Verizon or Sprint. You can also use two different number on the same phone, thanks to the dual-sim slots. And again, the sim card slots are micro sim slots. So if you have a full size sim card, you’ll need to cut it down to a micro sim size using a cutter. And if you have a nano sim, you‘ll need to use a sim adapter, to make it fit. I’ll leave links to a cutter and an adapter below, in case you need one. The 2500mah battery however, is not removable, unlike other BLU phones.The BLU R1 HD also performs extremely smoothly and comes with very little bloatware installed. Web browsing and video playback from sites like youtube and Netflix are flawless, and the 720p HD screen makes watching videos a very nice experience. The speaker quality is pretty good, as you can hear in this clip. But I really wish they had embedded the speaker into the frame instead of the back cover, as it does reduce the speaker’s intensity slightly. It’s not a huge issue, but it really would have improved the audio. Again, for a phone that costs $50 or even $100, I just can’t complain.The 8MP rear-facing camera is a huge improvement over the 5MP camera on other BLU phones. The images are much sharper, the colors are well reproduced and the autofocus works very accurately, as you can see in these pictures. And you can take nice looking pictures to post on instagram or facebook. The 1080p videos are also pretty decent. Everything looks pretty sharp and the colors are also well reproduced. Certainly not award-winning video quality, but definitely a huge step up from phones of the past.
The front-facing camera is also good enough for skype and taking selfies, and even has a flash for low-light shots.The BLU R1HD also works really well with graphics intensive games. It didn’t drop any frames and the phone responded very precisely to inputs. Definitely a good gaming device. The battery life on the BLU R1 HD was pretty decent. A single charge should get you through most of the day, without any issues. And that’s with a mix of calling, texting, taking pictures and web browsing- basic day to day tasks.So should you buy the BLU R1 HD. At even a $100, the R1 HD packs more features and refinement than any phone currently on the market.

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