The Best Motion Detect USB Spy Camera In The World: 2019 UX-9 Scout

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10 spy cameras battle it out (full day/night demo)

Pretty cool when companies turn regular household items in to thief catching, babysitter stealing, pet watching recording machines! Check out my NEW CHANNEL! Video Start Times and Amazon Links: 1) PJ Tech Mini Spy Cam (:21) - 2) BySameyee Pen Cam (1:43) - 3) Hucam Coke Can (2:48) - 4) Spy-See Wall Charger (3:46) - 5) iCoolLive LED Bulb (4:36) - (newer model 6) Kamre Sunglasses (5:46) - 7) Kamre Battery Bank (6:39) - 8) Sikvio Alarm Clock (7:51) - 9) Kamre Wall Clock (8:58) - 10) Provision Router (9:50) -

How to: Use Your UX-9 Scout (Settings, Operation, Formatting)

See below for links to specific help areas! Buy one here: or here: For more support go to our website support page: In this video, I cover all the essentials you need to know to operate your Scout. This video focuses on the newest version, the UX-9 Scout. Please refer to the instructions included with your item for specifics, such as resolution and motion settings. Index: 0:24 Plug it into your computer 0:50 Where your video files are located 2:05 How to open Notepad in Windows 2:49 How to find your Scout using File Explorer 5:16 How to change Scout settings 6:45 Setting the date 8:05 Setting the time 8:30 Changing from Continuous to Motion Mode 8:40 Changing the video resolution 9:04 Saving the configuration txt file to your Scout 9:42 How to make the Scout read your configuration settings 10:38 Three Red LEDs means the Scout recorded the last file 11:28 How the Scout always reverts the txt file to default 15:03 Formatting your before using it each time

MOT - PASS or FAIL? +Bonus! Gas & Electric Services

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van - Today we get our Luxury Motorhome back on the road and take it for an MOT test. Will it Pass or Fail? Bonus video - Gas and Electric services to the kitchen appliances. How to make an LPG compression joint the correct way. Check out my video on current LPG regulations for camper vans Links for the materials used in this video are all here - Hawk White LPG Jointing compound - Copper Tube Cutters - Whale 12v submersible water pump - Drinkign water faucet with 12v switch - 12mm waterproof momentary push button - LDPE tube cutter - Mini Copper Pipe Benders - 8mm soft copper coil - 8mm Gas Isolating Valve - Drop out Vents - Rubber Hose for Gas Testing - If you have found these videos to be useful and would like to make a donation towards further content you can do by clicking this link Please do subscribe for further videos in this series. Thank you very much for watching.

5 Terrifying STALKERS Caught on Camera

Have you ever tried having someone take the exact same, strange path as you while you were out walking? Perhaps they were following you... ▪ Subscribe NOW so you don't miss what's next ► ▪ Support me on Patreon ► 5. "911 call 05/03/11 (record 1)": 4. “Racist guy following us”: 3. "Someone is Following Me": 2. "REAL STALKER Caught On Camera (2016)": 1. "We got a creepy stalker - ( Security Camera footage )": ▪ Follow me on Twitter ► ▪ Follow me on Tumblr ► ▪ "Caught on Camera" Videos ► ▪ Scary Top 5 Videos ► ▪ Cryptid Profiles ► ▪ Urban Legends ► Any music made by: Myuuji ► CO.AG Music ► For copyright matters or business enquiries, please contact me: [email protected]

4 Smartphone Spy Hacks YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW (Awesome Spy Apps)

Cheap Android Phone: Sideline: Web Proxy: Night Camera: Motion Camera Android: Here's 4 cool smartphone spy apps that you can download and use right now. These apps will allow you to unlock your smartphones full spying potential. Enjoy! Facebook: Instagram: Playlist of Every Video: If you liked this video, check out more on my channel Music:

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