The Lush Cocktail Recipe

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How to properly muddle for cocktails - DrinkSkool Bar Techniques

For more videos, lessons, and cocktail recipes visit us at Andy Seymour walks us through some simple and easy techniques to up your bar game! In this clip Andy showcases some tips for properly muddling fruit and mint for use in cocktails.

10 Raspberries
1 oz. lemon juice
.75 oz simple syrup
2 oz vodka
Lavender soda
Sprig of lavender for garnish

Add 4 raspberries to glass
Add 1 oz. lemon juice
Add .75 oz. simple syrup
Add 2 oz. vodka
Add ice and shake
Add ice to glass
Strain mixture into glass
Top with 6 raspberries
Top with lavender soda
Add sprig of lavender for garnish

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