Samsung TV MU7000 7 series connect external speaker 3.5 mm jack and fix crackling sound

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Convert Digital Audio Out to a 3.5mm Headphone Jack

How to convert digital audio out to a 3.5mm headphone jack for less money by using a digital to analog audio converter. For behind the scenes and exclusive content: Published by Anson Alexander from

All basics to connecting any external device to your TV

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Revision: Conversor de audio digital a analógico

En el video de hoy les muestro un aparatito muy util que permite convertir los nuevos formatos de audio digital (Toslink y Coaxial) al antiguo formato analógico RCA. Twitter:


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This video teaches you how to connect your old soundbar/headphone/speaker with 3.5mm jack to your state of the art samsung tv which only has optical audio output.

This video also teaches you the settings required fix the crackling sound.

Items which need to be bought with link below from Lazada purchase:

RCA to headohone converter:

Digital Optical Toslink Coax to Analog L/R RCA Audio Converter+1.5M Fiber cable:

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