New Super Mario Bros Series - All Bowser Boss Battles

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New Super Mario Bros. U Co-op Walkthrough - World 8 - Peach's Castle (All Star Coins)

Part 8 of a co-op walkthrough of New Super Mario Bros. U. This part covers all of world 8 'Peach's Castle'. For the entire series I am playing as Mario and my friend played as Luigi. Below is the playlist for this series. New Super Mario Bros. U (2 player) Playlist:

Mario Party 9 - Boss Rush

The boss rush mode of Mario Party 9, in which you face all of the bosses. 00:50 Lakitu 2:23 Wiggler 3:48 Whomp 6:28 King Bob-Omb 9:04 Dry Bones 11:19 King Boo 12:47 Cheep Cheep 14:31 Blooper 16:10 Spike 17:58 Chain Chomp 20:54 Bowser Jr. 24:55 Bowser -My Twitter -My 3ds FC 1263-7978-2745

Mario's Switch Calamity

Mario tries to press a Palace Switch. Using ANY means necessary. ;) It's finally here, e'rbody! Two-ish months later and I've actually done it! After many hours of glitches and...and losing save files (the worst thing ever), I bring you "Mario's Switch Calamity!" Speaking of glitches, there was something that happened with my program that kept preventing me from putting together some credits at the end of this thing, it is in the description. XD *MARIO'S SWITCH CALAMITY* ————————————————————————————————————— Original Concept: Bigfoot3290 (of Newgrounds) Inspired By: Gamemaster94089, Lythience, spritefan2 Storyboarded By: Pasty (of Pasty's Bakery) Animated By: Pasty (of Pasty's Bakery) —————————————————————————————————————— Programs: Flash Animate CC, WavePad Sound Editor, YouTube-mp3 Converter, Swivel Sprites: The Spriters Resource, Sprite Database, DeviantArt, Custom Made & Edited SFX: YouTube, The Mushroom Kingdom, SoundBible, Kyutwo, Custom Made & Edited —————————————————————————————————————— Music: Super Mario World Medley - Super Mario World [Piano Tutorial] [Synthesiia] (Owned By): Marioverehrer - "" Purple Comet (Owned By): Nintendo - "" —————————————————————————————————————— For sparking my interesting in sprite animation: Hyun's Dojo, ScrewAttack!, Retro Architect For teaching me to animate: spritefan2 For helping me with glitches: Gamemaster94089, Draw With Jazza For re-kindling my motivation to animate: Sketchilirious, UmbraiiTenebris, my game crashed, BREW, Waynimations, Frontier Hero, Pikapetey Animations, AnimationRewind For supporting me at home: GemOfChaos, Seth Hammen, friends & family And here's a MASSIVE thank-you to all 74 of my subscribers! This definitely wouldn't have existed if it weren't for you! :D —————————————————————————————————————— THERE! Now that I'm finished with this, I think I'm gonna get back to writing my book. It's been four and a half years; it's about time I finish this juggernaut of a trilogy that's been a ball and chain on my ankle for so long. ^^' If you're wondering what my next project is, let's just say it's a little present for my own special someone. (Seriously, you guys are so awesome. Thanks a bunch!) EDITS —————————————————————————————————————— January 15, 2016: I don't know who'll actually see this, but thank you so much for 10k views! That is such a crazy number! And heck, hopefully we can make it even crazier and get Mario's Switch Calamity to 100k, too! January 24, 2017: WHERE WHAT HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! Seriously, you guys, how in the world did this reach 100k views in, like, just a couple days? I literally mentioned less than ten days ago that I hoped we could reach this goal...I didn't expect it to come so soon. XD So, like, THANK YOU! I'm so flippin' happy right now. :D February 11, 2017: Do you have any idea how massive half a million is? I've got a vague one, but in my mind it's still GIGANTIC. And that's why I'm so blown away by the fact that this has reached 500k views already! In a matter of weeks, the viewership of this one video alone has increased 50-fold! That's a lot of folds! XD Seriously, I cannot thank you all enough. :) March 4, 2017: I know not everyone will agree with this decision, but last week I was approached by a London-based company called Untitled that offered to help me earn ad revenue on this video. I know the name alone sounds sketchy, but I did some searching and confirmed that they are a legitimate organization with a flexible service. So, after a handful of days talking with one of the representatives, I finalized the deal with Untitled today; ads will now appear at the beginning of the video (in skippable form as well as those little boxes down below). Like I said, it's not really a popular decision by the audience's standpoint, but I'm nearing my last year of high school and need to start saving up for college. Student loans are absolutely insane, so I'm going to do everything I can to help myself for the future. You'll just have to trust me, but I promise that this is all I will be putting my ad revenue towards. Thanks for all your immense support before, now, and (hopefully) in the future as well. :) March 14: HOOOOOOLY 1,000,000 VIEWS! Thank you, thank you, THANK you! This is legit a dream come true for me, I didn't think for a moment that over a million people would eventually get to see my stuff! I am, I feel so fortunate! You guys are the best!!! I wish I could fully express how much this means to me,, this is just an edit. ^^'

Rabbids Invasion - R.C.Rabbid (HD-New)

rabbids invasion

Super Mario 64 DS Walkthrough - Finale - Bowser in the Sky

The final part of a complete walkthrough on Super Mario 64 DS. In this video, I cover the final Bowser stage, Bowser in the Sky, as well as show the ending and credits. -My Twitter -My 3ds FC 1263-7978-2745

Every single Bowser and Dry Bowser fight from the four New Super Mario Bros games.
00:00 World 1-Castle - New Super Mario Bros DS
00:36 World 8-Castle 1 - New Super Mario Bros DS
1:15 World 8-Castle 2 - New Super Mario Bros DS
2:44 World 8-Castle - New Super Mario Bros Wii
7:11 World 8-Castle - New Super Mario Bros 2
12:05 World Star-Castle - New Super Mario Bros 2
16:28 World 8-Castle - New Super Mario Bros U
20:22 World 8-Castle - New Super Luigi U
-My Twitter
-My 3ds FC 1263-7978-2745

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