Perfect Lush D.I.Y. Just Like the Real Thing - WITH RECIPE

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How to make AvoBath's with ASMR Crunch Chop at the End.

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL FOR NOTIFICATIONS. #bathbombs #howtomakebathbombs WITH RECIPE'S ASMR at the end of the video, if you enjoy chopping video's. But 1st my version of Lush's Avobath, without the avocado. MY RECIPE MAKES 18 x 200G (7oz) BATH BOMBS My Cups are 250g (8.9oz), but it will not make any difference what size your cup is, the ratio will be correct. 10 x cups bicarb 5 x cups citric acid (either powdered, ground or granular) 1 x cup SLSA (optional if you want bubbles) 150 mls Sweet Almond Oil 50 mls Polysorbate 80 100mls fragrance (Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil (May Chang) 20 sprays of water or witch hazel to bind Pink glitter Sprinkles Quarter teaspoon Flourescent Yellow Mica:- Few drops lime green pigment - HALF BATCH RECIPE 5 cups bicarb 2.5 cups citric half cup SLSA (optional) 75 ml Sweet Almond Oil 25 ml polysorbate 80 50 ml fragrance or essential oil (I used May Chang (Listea Cubeba) 10 sprays water or witch hazel hot pink glitter Tiny pinch yellow mica (see link above for supplier) A drop lime green pigment (see link above for supplier) Enjoy making. Please follow all my social media below. INSTAGRAM:- FACEBOOK:- WEBSITE:-

Black Raspberry & Vanilla Cup Soaps & A Little FAIL

Come watch me make Soapy Cupcakes with Black Raspberry & Vanilla fragrance from Natures Garden.

How to Melt and Pour Crystal Soap

Join me as I make Melt and Pour Soap with:- STEPHENSONS CRYSTAL CLEAR SOAP, SUPPLIED BY MOST SOAP SUPPLIERS:- GREEN COLOUR YELLOW COLOUR COLOUR MIXING Apple - 1 part green, 2 parts yellow The pouring temperature onto the grated soap embeds, is VERY important for this design............. as close to 158F (70C) as possible. Too hot, the embeds will melt, too cold the melted soap will not stick to the embeds and will leave holes in your soap. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THIS CHANNEL AND MY WEBSITE, IF YOU LIKE:-

Making Flirtatious Bath Fizzers (recipe included)

Makes around 15 x 200g Fizzers 10 . x . Cups Bicarbonate Soda 5 . x . Cups Citric Acid 1 . x . Cup SLSA (you can leave this out if you do not want bubbles) 100mls Fractionated Coconut Oil (or Sweet Almond Oil or any carrier oil) 30mls Polysorbate 80 Either:- Water Spray or Witch Hazel Spray, the choice is yours. If you wish to reduce your recipe, just use two bicarb to one citric acid. OUR NEW WEBSITE:- Find natural2Go Ltd. at the Loreburne shopping centre Dumfries

Rainbow Soap Cake - Showcase How To

Sit back, relax and enjoy a 1 hour soap making video, every step (Including a Little Accident). How to make a huge Rainbow Soap Cake. Recipe below..... Please use 1 full batch for the layered colours, then half a batch for the frosting........ SORRY I MISSED THE DECORATING OF THE FULL CAKE:- HERE IS THAT VIDEO:- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY WEBSITE:- YOUTUBE CHANNEL:- INSTAGRAM:- FACEBOOK:- Colour links HOT PINK:- HOT GREEN:- GOLD:- PURPLE:- RED:- YELLOW:- BLUE:- 1 & 1/2 X FULL BATCHES OF THIS RECIPE RECIPE IN KILO'S:- 900grams Coconut Oil 800grams Palm Oil 1 kilo Olive Oil 1 kilo Sunflower Oil 150g Shea Butter 524 grams Lye (sodium hydroxide) 700 to 1270 grams water (I always use 700grams water, but if you are a beginner, please use full water until you get used to working with the batch, you can deduct by any quantity you like) fragrance usage at 30g per kilo, please remember that every fragrance will change the speed the soap sets up. RECIPE IS LB'S and OZ's Coconut Oil 31.5oz Olive Oil 35.00oz Sunflower Oil 35.00oz Palm Oil . 28.00oz Shea butter 5.25oz Lye . 18.34oz water . 44.47oz Fragrance usage, at 1oz per kilo

Join me as I make Perfect Lush D.I.Y. Sex Bomb Bath Bombs, just like the real thing. Look the same, perform the same and even smell the same.

RECIPE in Kilo's and LB's for European and International Makers:-
1250g (2.75lb's) Bicarbonate of Soda
625g (1.3lb's) Citric Acid
100g (0.22lb's) Carrier Oil (I used sweet almond)
1 teaspoon Titanium Dioxide
1/4 teaspoon CI45430 (RED 27)(red/pink)
1/8 teaspoon CI17200 (RED 33) (pink/red)
1 tablespoon cI 60730 (violet 43)
1 teaspoon Polysorbate 80 (optional)
Hot Pink Mica
Virtuous Violet Mica
Witch Hazel to Spray Mixture



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