Veltboy314 Box Chevy on 30's Getting Some Track Action

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Just a few hours ago at the StreetWhipz 2k17 Mega Show the legendary Kut da Check Racing Procharged box returned after not seeing a track in years! Still a bad boy FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM

WhipAddict: Tae's Chevrolet Short Bed Dually on 24s w/Custom Letter Tires, 383 Stroker, Custom Paint

This was one of my favorite whips from 2016. The homie Tae (tae_flyingdutchman) is known for racing and doing his own mechanic work on his whips, never scared to show off that motor muscle! For Pushfest 4, Tae brought this custom painted Chevy Short Bed out for one of its few appearances in 16'. Sitting on Polished Dually wheels with a stuuupid back lip, wrapped in custom letter tires by @pushkustumz! Orange custom paint looks great and all the chrome pieces are in place and in great condition! Luckily the show had a burnout contest and the Short Bed did not disappoint! Just wanted to give the truck is due with a solo vid! Enjoy!

PROCHARGED Chameleon 96 Impala SS on 30" GOLD DUB F.U. Floaters - 1080p HD

VIMEO: This was my FAVORITE car at this car show. A CUSTOM, procharged 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS sitting on 30" DUB F.U. Skirt Floaters. It has a Green/Blue/Purple Chameleon paint job, and the rims were GOLD plated. It had gold accents all over, such as the gold pinstripe, custom gold grille and all the chrome trim and emblems has been gold plated. The engine was a PROCHARGED LT1! Had the coil pack conversion done on it as well! Love the sound of the procharger! And the interior was crazy. Alot of fiberglass pieces, and ALOT of speakers. Seats/headliner/dash/carpet was a purple vinyl and pink gator.. Custom fiberglass door panels with pro audio speakers and tweeters and a TV! There was no back seat, just another fiberglass piece with pro audio speakers and tweeters, and a blow through subwoofer setup with 6 Kicker L7 subwoofers. Hella crazy music setup! It was LOUD. At 2015 Linny J car show in Tampa, FL

8.37 in the 1/8 MILE ON 28 INCH RIMS!!! BOx CHEVY WITH NITROUS 406 GOES 8s ON 28s!!

8.37 in a 1/8 mile on 28s in flying! Very impressive! 1 bad 406!

LGR Box Chevy: Baddest Box Chevy in GA on Rims??

Gotta give him his props, this is one bad ride! Will drive to the track and then make it do what it do! Much respect!

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