Veltboy314 Box Chevy on 30's Getting Some Track Action

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PROCHARGED Chameleon 96 Impala SS on 30" GOLD DUB F.U. Floaters - 1080p HD

VIMEO: This was my FAVORITE car at this car show. A CUSTOM, procharged 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS sitting on 30" DUB F.U. Skirt Floaters. It has a Green/Blue/Purple Chameleon paint job, and the rims were GOLD plated. It had gold accents all over, such as the gold pinstripe, custom gold grille and all the chrome trim and emblems has been gold plated. The engine was a PROCHARGED LT1! Had the coil pack conversion done on it as well! Love the sound of the procharger! And the interior was crazy. Alot of fiberglass pieces, and ALOT of speakers. Seats/headliner/dash/carpet was a purple vinyl and pink gator.. Custom fiberglass door panels with pro audio speakers and tweeters and a TV! There was no back seat, just another fiberglass piece with pro audio speakers and tweeters, and a blow through subwoofer setup with 6 Kicker L7 subwoofers. Hella crazy music setup! It was LOUD. At 2015 Linny J car show in Tampa, FL

Box Update

Lil update on the box chevy...slowly but surely getting it ready

1959 Chevrolet Bel Air vs. 2009 Chevrolet Malibu IIHS crash test

IIHS 50th anniversary demonstration test • September 9, 2009 In the 50 years since US insurers organized the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, car crashworthiness has improved. Demonstrating this was a crash test conducted between a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air and a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. In a real-world collision similar to this test, occupants of the new model would fare much better than in the vintage Chevy. "It was night and day, the difference in occupant protection," says Institute president Adrian Lund. "What this test shows is that automakers don't build cars like they used to. They build them better." The crash test was conducted at an event to celebrate the contributions of auto insurers to highway safety progress over 50 years. Beginning with the Institute's 1959 founding, insurers have maintained the resolve, articulated in the 1950s, to "conduct, sponsor, and encourage programs designed to aid in the conservation and preservation of life and property from the hazards of highway accidents." More information at

Chameleon & Gold Brougham on Gold 28" DUBs (Orlando Classic '17)

GOLD DONE RIGHT!! Get in tune via instagram @streetkingsmagazine dont forget to log on

WhipAddict: 89' Chevy Caprice LS Tuckin DUB Azzmacka 30s, LS3, Kandy Paint, Beatin Hard

#OrlandoClassicWeekend 2K17: Wet Kandy Orange Box Chevy sprayed by Tim @TimWestsideBodyShopHall, outta Savannah, GA, squattin tucked 30" DUB Azzmacka floaters, chrome with a little paint. Trunk dancing from the beat and sounding good with an LS3 under the hood! Tan top and tan custom interior! Hope to catch this one again to get a better look at it!

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